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Tata Indicom Ethics Counselors
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TTSL Ethics Counselors

In case of any ethics violations, please feel free to contact our Ethics Officer, for you respective circle, to register you grievance during working hours (9:30 am to 6 pm) Monday to Friday.

In case of unresolved complaint do contact our Nodal Officers

Circle Name of Ethics Counselor Designation Department Contact Number E-mail address
Andhra Pradesh Mr. Sanjay Kedia Deputy General Manager Cirlce Finance Head for AP 9246308595 Ethicscounselor.AP.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Assam &NESA Mr. Subhrojyoti Dey Manager Finance 9207009301 Ethicscounselor.ASM.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Nesa Mr. Prataprudra Das Deputy Manager Finance 9207009399 Prataprudra.Das@tatatel.co.in
Bihar Mr. Ajit Charan Sr. Manager TI Wireless Voice 9234509371 Ethicscounselor.BIH.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Jharkhand Mr. Kumar Harshaverdhan Sr. Manager TI Wireless Voice&Data 9234505550 Kumar.Harshaverdhan@tatatel.co.in
Corporate Office TTSL Mr. Arun Padhi Senior Vice President Human Resources 9223228686 arun.padhi@tatatel.co.in
Delhi Mr. Rajender Sachdeva Deputy General Manager FM & SS 9212106911 Ethicscounselor.DEL.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Gujarat Mr. Akshay Pandey Sr. Vice President Technology 9227209111 Ethicscounselor.GUJ.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Haryana Mr. Harpreet Singh Bajwa Deputy General Manager TI Wireless Voice(Prepaid) 9254106725 Ethicscounselor.HR.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Himachal Pradesh Mr. Deepak singh Manager TI Wireless Voice-PostPay 9218509666 Ethicscounselor.HP.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Jammu & Kashmir Mr. Sudhir Sharma Deputy General Manager TI Wireless Voice&Data-PostPay 9205009500 Ethicscounselor.JK.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Karnataka Mr. S Venugopal Vice President Technology 9243199666 Ethicscounselor.KA.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Kerala Mr. Vinod T Deputy General Manager Technology 9037099786 Ethicscounselor.KL.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Kolkatta Mr. Sudeep Zachariah Vice President Finance 9230509889 Ethicscounselor.KOL.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
MPCG Mr. Shinu Mathai Deputy General Manager Finance 9039099600 Ethicscounselor.MP.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Orissa Mr. C S Panigrahi Deputy General Manager Technology 9238309680 Ethicscounselor.OR.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Punjab Mr. Gurdeep Singh General Manager TI Wireless Voice&Data-PostPay 9216719888 Ethicscounselor.PUN.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Rajasthan Mr. Udit Prasad Singh General Manager Technology 9214309500 Ethicscounselor.RAJ.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
South Bengal Mr. Vikas Ghai Senior Manager Operations 9233309779 vikas.ghai@tatatel.co.in
North Bengal Mr. Pravat Ranjan Mohanty Senior Manager Technology 9233409500 pravat.rajanmohanty@tatatel.co.in
Tamil Nadu Mr. Seshagiri K S Senior Manager Technology 9282109296 Ethicscounselor.TN.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Tamil Nadu (GSM) Mr. Senthil A. General Manager Technology 9282109250 Senthil.A@tatatel.co.in
UP - East Mr. Anuj Srivastava Sr.Manager Internal Audit & Risk Management 9235509744 Ethicscounselor.UPE.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
UP - West Mr. Qaisar Alam Ansari Deputy General Manager Technology 9219509160 Ethicscounselor.UPW.TTSL@tatatel.co.in
Chief Ethics Counsellor Mr.Pankaj Sethi President Corporate Services
Updated on 07th sep 2010.